ECE Spotlight Keynote: Digilent

Sunday, March 19

8:30 am 

ECE Without Borders

Industry trends are increasingly pushing our classrooms out of conventional lecture-lab styles and into new spaces. What are the forces facing today's programs? How can ECE lead the trends? What must we do to keep delivering "real world" experiences to prepare our students?  

At Digilent, the company was founded and created to help answer these questions. Learn from Steve Johnson, President of Digilent, about the methods for creating an ECE curriculum that isn't restricted to today's paradigms.  



Steve Johnson
President, Digilent


As President of Digilent, Steve leads a global company that is dedicated to the success of ECE education, worldwide.  

Prior to taking over Digilent, Steve held a variety of positions at National Instruments ranging from R&D manager, Life Sciences Business Manager, Channel Manager and Academic Segment Marketing as well as heading up R&D in medical device companies.  

A learning banjo player, Steve holds special interest in life sciences, the medical device industry, and engineering education.  

Steve holds an Electrical Engineering bachelor's degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 




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