Friday, March 17
8:30 am - 7:30 pm

Saturday, March 18

8:30 am - 8:30 pm

About the Workshop

The iREDEFINE workshop capitalizes on the unique environment provided by the ECEDHA conference to create a mechanism to motivate and prepare graduate women and underrepresented minorities students to pursue faculty positions in US Universities. The unique opportunity arises due to the high concentration of ECE department chairs attending the event, most of whom are investing great efforts in increasing the diversity of their faculty.

Please see the iREDEFINE page for more information on the agenda.

About the Follow Up E-Meetings

In addition to attending the iREDEFINE Worskhop, the selected students are asked to participate in quarterly post-workshop e-meetings targeted at establishing a community of support and reinforcing the lessons learned at the workshop. For each e-meeting, a list of topics will be distributed to the student participants ahead of time and each student will be asked to share their thoughts on each topic. The e-meetings will be monitored by the members of the iREDEFINE mentoring committee. Examples of topics of discussion are the following:

·        Preparing application materials for a faculty position (e.g. CV, cover letter, research and teaching
         statements) tailored to the particular opportunity

·        How to prepare for an interview

·        Understanding the differences between various types of institutions

·        Mock interview for a faculty position

·        How to navigate the NSF website, look for solicitations on a specific topic, check for projects      
         funded under a specific program

·        Guide on funding agencies

·        Guide on effective teaching

In addition, topics for future meetings will be solicited from the student participants. Each meeting will be 1.5 hours long and will cover 1-2  topics.

About the Follow Up Surveys

To evaluate the impact of the workshop on the students’ ability to obtain a faculty or postdoc position, 3 online surveys will be administered. The surveys will be anonymous, spaced 6 months apart, and each one will take 15 mins to complete. The first survey will solicit feedback on the structure of the workshop, effectiveness of the training provided, and any suggestions on improvements. A consent from will be part of the first survey. The next 2 surveys will collect information on the longer term impact including number of interviews, or offers the student received.

You are encouraged to bring to the workshop a poster on your work. Student posters will be displayed on Saturday 3/18. Poster dimensions should be as follows:

A typical poster is 46 inches high by 32 inches wide (119 cm x 82 cm). Student posters should be no larger than (width 48", height 36"). The posters will be pinned to a board provided by the hotel. No need to bring a display mechanism. 












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