Quanser Webinar Oct 6 Quanser Webinar October 2015

Transformational Teaching Labs -
Putting Your Best Academic Foot Forward

October 13, 2016 at 2:00pm EDT

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Modern, progressive, experiential lab facilities are becoming signature elements of today’s leading institutions. We’ve all seen the buildings. Architectural wonders of glass and steel celebrating the modern spirit of engineering, teamwork, and learning. This sponsored Webinar answers the question “What should we put inside these fancy buildings?”.

For the past few years, Quanser has been actively developing commercial platforms to offer a more comprehensive approach to the hands-on dimensions of today’s undergraduate curriculum. Principal themes include interdisciplinary applications, system level challenges, and rigorous analysis harmonized with design concepts.

For example, a new lab platform offers a system and application level approach to analog circuit design allowing students to explore real world applications as opposed to single op amp breadboarded circuits. Another new experiment illuminates the complexities of power management in an undergrad-accessible form factor.

Ultimately the goal is to reduce the institution’s effort to increase the application complexity of the systems that students work with within the severe time and resource constraints that they face. This promises to establish a lab sequence that ties together more courses and levels, and more modern methodologies and technologies. Finally, these labs have the potential to bring the engagement and dynamic experiences that are synonymous with design projects and competition teams to a rejuvenated core lab sequence.

The Webinar will offer an overview of the technologies and the pedagogy framing the lab platforms. Applications and themes include mechatronics, electronics, first year engineering, capstone projects, and graduate courses – all within a common persistent lab framework. Recent case studies from prominent universities around the world will be presented.


Attend this webinar to:
  • Learn new trends in undergraduate lab concepts
  • Gain insight from other institutions' initiatives in retooling their labs to introduce modern engineering concepts such as interdisciplinary engineering, system thinking, and complexity
  • Practical information on the latest tools and platforms for delivering effective labs


    Tom Lee, PhD
Chief Education Officer

Tom Lee directs the academic strategy for Quanser, a leading producer of lab systems for control, mechatronics, and robotics education and teaching. He is a recognized authority in modern engineering pedagogy and the application of advanced technology in teaching and learning. His technical background is in the field of dynamic modelling, simulation, and control. He earned his Ph.D. From the University of Waterloo where he currently serves as adjunct professor.

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