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CMC-enabled Cadence® Cloud Service



Product Overview

CMC Microsystems is a Cadence Cloud Passport Partner that offers American university researchers cloud access to support the full academic suite of tools that they already license from Cadence.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cloud access for your existing Cadence licenses*
  • Delivery via CMC-enabled cloud, a protected environment that transforms your laptop into a secure, high-performance design lab*
  • Fully configured, installed, and hosted by CMC with continuous software updates to reduce administration costs
  • Design and development resources available on-demand with minimal configuration
  • Access training courses, webinars, and documentation through CMC, additional fees apply
  • Available for use in classroom education or research environments

* Cadence tools are not included. The University Software program tools for design, layout, and analysis of ASIC and PCB designs are to be accessed directly from Cadence by the professor.

** Server resources are not included. They are to be purchased separately by the professor.  


Benefit to University

Cost-effective, secure and easy method to run online classes or conduct research with minimal university IT setup or support required