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         Product Overview

The CSI-01-KIT is designed for circuit theory, lab experiments, and DIY projects. In the time of remote learning, hand-on experience is more important than ever. Professors can demonstrate a circuit theory using the CSI-01-KIT during an online section can replicate the circuit with their own CSI-01-KIT as the lab continues. 

The CSI-01-KIT comes with resistors, capacitors, rectifiers, diodes, transistors, a speaker, microphone, buzzer, LED's, a relay, chokes, switches, and a compartment box for organizing. One of our favorite parts about this kit is the compartment box which helps the students to organize and identify their electronic components for various classes. The students can also purchase more parts from our website to improve and expand their kit. 

Once the class has commenced, there are other projects that students can do with the remaining parts. For example, a battery voltage monitor, a crystal tester, LED indicator light, electronic thermometer, electronic dice, automatic car lights, turn OFF circuit and dozens of 555 timer projects plus more! Professors can also take advantage of this and organize an online engineering club. 

The CSI-01-KIT also provides components for many other Arduino projects. The Arduino provides a cost effective and simple way to build robotic projects and is highly recommended by the Maker Community. This provides a large project pool for students to research and gather ideas for their final project.

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