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Contact Information:

Main Office
Overleaf c/o Digital Science
First Floor, 6 Briset Street
London, EC1M 5NR
United Kingdom

Sales & Marketing Office

+1 (202) 417-6343

Overleaf is...

Overleaf is a free, collaborative, cloud-based LaTeX editor which makes the process of writing, editing and publishing scientific documents quicker and easier. This intuitive online platform has seen rapid adoption across science and research, and Overleaf's award-winning collaboration technology is now in use by over 6 million researchers, students and technical writers in institutions, labs and industry worldwide. It’s simple and intuitive to use – all you need is a web browser – try it out and use it for free at

Overleaf provides a variety of licensing options, including personal, group, and institutional subscriptions. For institutional subscriptions we also provide an option for Single-Sign-On (SSO).

Our Overleaf personal account is free and entitles you access to the core features such as our powerful cloud-based LaTeX editor, access to 1000’s of templates, real-time editing, the ability to create an unlimited number of projects and collaborate with one other user.  

Our premium Overleaf Collaborator and Overleaf Professional licenses give you access to everything on our Overleaf Personal account, plus more collaborators and our premium features such as real-time track changes, document history and GitHub, Dropbox, Mendeley & Zotero integrations.

Our Overleaf Group subscription offers our premium Collaborator or Professional licenses for a fixed number of seats which can be assigned and reassigned to individual users. Perfect for individual departments or research teams when working on their collaborative writing and publishing.

Finally our Overleaf Commons subscription is an institution- or department-wide solution providing all students and faculty with access to Overleaf Professional accounts. These premium accounts allow your students and faculty to harness the full power of Overleaf and provide access to features like real-time track changes, reference management, document history and GitHub, Dropbox, Mendeley & Zotero integrations, along with the provision of a resource portal featuring branded templates, priority user support, training assets, administrative analytics/metrics, and the option for Single-Sign-On (SSO).


Benefits to the University:

  • Eliminate the need to work across multiple LaTeX environments

  • Eliminate the need to maintain your own LaTeX package repository

  • Work from anywhere in the world with our cloud-based platform

  • Easy for new lab members to pick up and learn

  • Real-time collaboration functionality for use internally and with colleagues/students across the globe

  • Polish papers right up to your deadline

  • Over 6000 templates to choose from


Enough from us - let’s allow our customers talk on our behalf:

“It’s so easy to get the students up and running. They simply have to get an account, I can share my project with them, and we are up and running. Before this, I’d have had to give them a long tutorial about compiler setup and the package repository. With Overleaf, all that is already taken care of.” - Christopher Collins, Associate Professor, and Canada Research Chair in Linguistic Information Visualization

“It’s been a win for everyone – the library gets the insight and information it needs, the students and faculty get a great tool for writing and collaborating, and the University gets an easy submission portal for its online repository. We couldn’t be happier with Overleaf.” - Andrew Creamer, Librarian at Brown University

Special Offer

We know how important it is for institutions to have access to easy-to-use collaborative solutions, and that you often have to work to tight budgets, which is why we offer some great discounts for institutions/educators. 

Overleaf Group - we offer a 40% educational discount for groups of 10+ for institutions.

Overleaf Commons - we have some great options for institutions to subscribe to our Overleaf Commons solution at volume discounts.

You can buy our Overleaf Group solution online or talk to our sales team to discuss what options would work best for you.

Overleaf Webinars

Click here to Access Overleaf Webinars

We’ve got a great series of webinars to help you make the most of your Overleaf account, you can sign up for future webinars or view our OnDemand recordings at a time/place that suits you.