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Introduction to MATLAB®

zyBooks is championing the cause for better STEM education. With more dynamic content, providing students with a single digital learning resource, text is kept short in favor of hands on practice. Multiple published articles have shown the efficacy of this approach

Hundreds of instructors switched to zyBooks due to COVID-19, joining the thousands already teaching with zyBooks in-person or online. Since being founded by professors in 2012, over 800 institutions, 3,600 instructors and 600,000 students have used a zyBook.


  • Participation Activities: 15 learning tools, 91 animations, 451 question sets

  • Challenge Activities: 163 coding challenges and 3 progressions with 18 steps

  • Program Autograder (zyLabs) can be added to save even more time

  • Easy to use, elegant and clean UI, accessibility conscious

  • Highly customizable for: syllabus/ chapter alignment, setting sections as optional or removing them entirely, adding chapters from other zyBooks, instructors creating their own sections of content within the zyBook

  • LMS integration


Seamlessly integrates into the zyBook and comes with three sample labs. Two types of problems can be created: 

Option of correct/ incorrect answer assessment or allowing for partial credit (e.g. to test code with different inputs)

Data backed insights into student engagement with lab statistics and submissions: