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Software Solutions

Product Overview

BenchVue is Keysight’s premier software product used all over the world by practicing engineers. It gives students an easy way to control instruments, capture screen shots and export data to Excel, CSV, MATLAB and Word with just a few mouse clicks. The BenchVue demo shows how to use a DMM, Function Generator, Oscilloscope and Power Supply to make measurements, export data, and create reports easily. It also shows how to use Test Flow to make automated measurements. For lab administrators, we also have a Lab Manager product on display. This software helps lab managers administer a room full of instruments.

RF Courseware and Certification

Product Overview

Keysight’s RF Microwave Teaching Solution covers the complete RF circuit design flow from specification and simulation, to prototype building and validation. It provides students with engineering essentials, practical skills, and everyday application knowledge to help them successfully develop 5G and IoT wireless applications. For university professors, the editable lecture materials integrate easily into existing engineering curriculum – saving both time and resources.

EDU Scope with FRA

Product Overview

Keysight’s InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes are engineered to give you quality, industry-proven technology at unbelievably low prices. The 1000 X-Series leverages the same technology as our higher-end oscilloscopes, allowing students to learn on the same hardware and software being used in leading R&D labs. Built-in training signals enable students to quickly learn to capture and analyze real world waveforms. Frequency response analysis (with bode plot) is the perfect tool to help students understand the gain and phase performance of passive LRC circuits or active op-amps.

Keysight Lab

Product Overview

Keysight’s Lab Manager software allows lab administrators to define all the instruments in the lab, then check to make sure all instruments are functioning properly and set their state for any given lab experiment prior to class. It also has an asset tracking feature to keep track of calibration dates, loans and instrument serial numbers. Lab Manager has more exciting features coming soon! Experience Keysight solutions in a real-world lab setup & see why Universities count on Keysight to help them prepare industry-ready students!