The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA) is composed of heads or chairs of departments in the United States and Canada offering accredited programs in electrical and/or computer engineering.

The purposes of ECEDHA are threefold:

  • Foster advances in electrical and computer engineering education;
  • Facilitate member interaction and idea exchange;
  • Improve communication with the profession, industry, government, and others with interests in the disciplines of electrical and computer engineering.

ECEDHA serves the ECE community by providing programs and services to support professional growth and propagate best practices among ECE educators. Through its member services, ECEDHA helps its member institutions maintain their accreditation and establish links to corporations and government agencies engaged in the ECE disciplines.

Our Mission

ECEDHA represents the academic leaders of over three hundred accredited programs in electrical and computer engineering in the United States and Canada. ECEDHA's mission is to foster advances in the disciplines of electrical and computer engineering, facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas among its members, and improve communication with the profession, industry, government, and other communities of interest.

Our Vision

Through its programs and activities, ECEDHA strengthens the intellectual infrastructure underpinning the engineering achievements and societal benefits realized through a healthy and vibrant community of educators in electrical and computer engineering.

Our Role

ECEDHA has developed a strong and well-utilized array of programs and services for ECE department heads and faculty members. As the only organization dedicated to serving the needs of ECE academic leaders, ECEDHA plays a valuable role in providing opportunities for professional growth and encouraging best practices to enhance leadership and educational skill sets within the ECE academic community.