Editorial Committee

ECEDHA's primary publication is the quarterly e-newsletter, the ECEDHA Source, which includes featured articles, association news, general interest news, regional reports, announcements, and job postings. The Editorial Committee is responsible for soliciting articles and reviewing submissions from outside sources.

To become involved in the ECEDHA Editorial Committee,

please contact the ECEDHA team.






Committee Chair

Badri Roysam

University of Houston

Steven Hietpas

South Dakota State University

Michael Giesselmann

Texas Tech

Miguel Velez-Reyes

University of Texas, El Paso

Amin Khodaei

University of Denver

Alan Sahakian

Northwestern University

Michael Devetsikiotis

University of New Mexico

Miroslav Begovic

Texas A&M

Jessica MacInnis

University of Toronto

Ashlee Gardner

Georgia Tech

Catharine June

University of Michigan

Don Gruenbacher

Kansas State University

Jerry Hudgins

University of Nebraska

Susan Hagness

University of Wisconsin, Madison