ECE Corporate Membership

ECEDHA's mission is to help advance the field of electrical and computer engineering, facilitate member interaction and idea exchange among its members, and improve communication with the profession, industry, government, and others.

Recently, the evident mutual interests of industry and academia have made it imperative that ECEDHA member institutions strengthen their collective bond with industry. The areas of mutual interest include the need for:

  • ECE curriculum to reflect the changing needs of industry for the next generation of engineering professionals entering the workplace;

  • Industry to present, and department heads to understand, the tools which can improve instruction effectiveness in labs and classrooms; and

  • Industry professionals and ECEDHA members to dialogue and to work together to identify new modalities of instruction

To formalize the aforementioned areas of interest and potential opportunities for collaboration, ECEDHA has developed a Corporate Membership Program.

The ECE Corporate Membership Program provides an unparalleled opportunity for business leaders to have access to, and collaborate with, an important academic constituency while influencing the future of electrical and computer engineering.

A key element of the program is the formation of an ECE Corporate Advisory Council, whose members have the opportunity to influence ECEDHA's programs and present recommendations to its Board of Directors. In particular, Council members will have the opportunity to provide guidance on the latest technologies and other trends impacting ECE.


For more information, or to become a Corporate Member, contact:

Kim Simpao
Director of Corporate Communications