Leadership and Organization

ECEDHA is run in accordance with the ECEDHA bylaws, by four elected officers who are ECEDHA members.

Current Officers:


Agnieszka Miguel

Seattle University

Vice President:

Michael Devetsikiotis

University of New Mexico


Mingyan Liu

University of Michigan


Hulya Kirkici

University of South Alabama


The President conducts a business meeting annually during the ECEDHA Annual Meeting. All ECEDHA members are encouraged to attend.



The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA) is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the following:

  • Four elected officers
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
  • Most recent President
    • Past President
  • A minimum of two Members-at-Large
  • Representative from CHECE/DGEIC (Calendar Year Terms)
  • Representative from the Inclusive Engineering Consortium (IEC) Board
  • Executive Director of ECEDHA

The normal progression of officers of ECEDHA is from Secretary to Treasurer to Vice-President to President to Past President. This progression is interrupted if one of the people ceases to be a department head (an exception is that the President, once in office, normally continues to serve out their term). In the past, the most frequent reason for this interruption has been that one of the officers becomes a Dean.

The Board normally meets twice a year, once during the Annual Conference in the spring, and once in the summer. 

Members of the Board of Directors welcome comments and suggestions from ECEHA members at any time.



ECEDHA's administration is carried out by Professional Education International (PEI).

  • President, John R. Janowiak
  • Program Manager, Sinais Alvarado