ECEDHA Member Benefits

ECEDHA provides a complete communications platform for ECE educators to interact, network, and build their community both electronically and in person through working groups, newsletters, webinars, meetings, workshops, and committee involvement.

Regional Membership
ECEDHA is organized into eight geographic member regions covering the span of the United States and Canada that convene independently throughout the year to focus on issues pertinent to their region.

Annual Conference and ECExpo
ECEDHA's flagship program is its annual gathering of ECE Department Heads, Deans, Lab Professionals, Faculty, and Industry for five days of education, networking, and technology demonstrations addressing the issues affecting universities, ECE curriculum, and the ECE community as a whole.

Working Groups
ECEDHA offers dedicated Working Groups for members to deliberate on future grand challenges led and supported by ECE departments.

Specialized Workshops
ECEDHA conducts several in depth programs for members to take part in the advancement of disciplines of electrical and computer engineering.

ECEDHA honors recipients in Leadership and Service, Innovation, Industry, and Diversity.

ECEDHA offers access to convenient online education and information on relevant topics facing ECE faculty today.

Annual Survey
ECEDHA assembles a unique source of information for members on the state of ECE education, providing a comprehensive view of salaries, budgets, student data, and much more across member departments.

Corporate Connections
ECEDHA members explore various opportunities of engagement that provide high-level interaction with companies who support ECE disciplines, sell products and services to academia, and employ their graduates.


For more information, or to become an ECEDHA Member, contact:

ECEDHA Membership Director