August 2021

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Digi-Key Academic Program Highlights

By: YC Wang, Director of Global Academic Program



It is now the “Back To School” season for the 2021 to 2022 academic year!

An unprecedented academic year has come and gone. During that time, we have seen universities worldwide send their students home and conduct courses virtually. As the world emerged from lockdown, demand for electronics components surged and resulted in a (temporary) shortage of components. With this chaotic backdrop, Digi-Key serves as your ever reliable distribution partner.

When students were sent home, Digi-Key worked to make sure remote hands-on coursework could commence. Employing kitting and fast shopping cart add solutions, Digi-Key worked with multiple universities to build custom lists and collections of tools and hardware. Diligent Digi-Key employees worked hard to ensure the shipments of hardware continued unabated. When a lab kit finally reaches the welcome mat of a student’s house, the countless hours of work behind the scenes by Digi-Key employees and university lab managers were all but invisible to them.

The Digi-Key Academic Program held student workshops/seminars throughout the school year. Topics ranged from emerging new technologies to career choices for Electrical Engineering students after graduation. Students were also kept engaged with competitions and were encouraged to post their hobby projects to showcase their engineering skills. Digi-Key was there for the students, keeping them engaged and informed during the lockdowns.

Digi-Key is looking forward to supporting universities through the upcoming 2021 to 2022 school year. There will be new challenges as universities balance the newly acquired skills of distance learning with traditional in-person courses. We are working on multiple fronts to make sure labs are stocked. When student clubs eventually meet again and hackthons resume, Digi-Key will be there to supply their hardware needs and also to highlight their projects/accomplishments. Please stay tuned for many exciting developments and announcements over the next year!



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