December 2020

A Conversation with Wilson Lee

Wilson Lee

Education Market Segment Lead


The Basics

How many years have you been with your current company? 5 years

First job? Sales / Marketing

Where were you born? NY

Where did you grow up? NY


Academic Perspective

What is your corporation doing to ease the pain for universities during online learning?

Tektronix is working a number of fronts on easing the current pain Universities are facing with Remote Learning.   We have launched a number of software centric solutions that increase ways that students and faculty can securely, seamlessly share and collaborate data.  Two of our recent launches were Tek Scope and just this quarter, Tek Drive.  

  • Tek Scope is a remote analysis solution that enables analysis of ANY of your waveform files from ANY location at ANY time to improve your working efficiency. Tek Scope also enables data sharing that enables users to share actual data and dynamically analyze data
  • Tek Drive is an extreme user friendly software tool, that will enable you to visualize data on a browser, open up measurements in TekScope, and easily share information between students and professors. 

We also continue work to outreach, in partnership with ECEDHA and IEC, to try to come up with better, and easier, access to industry


What are your future plans to assist in virtual learning, knowing it will be around for the foreseeable future?

At a high level, I’d share two tenets of our future plans in virtual learning: 

Continuing to further enable remote access, sharing, and collaboration in software tools such Tek Drive as mentioned earlier.  There will be additional tools that we’ll launch in 2021, which will include enablement via mobile devices.    This will be key to help further things like peer to peer learning which is rapidly emerging as key in virtual learning.

The second tenet is more to improving access  – by that I mean- furthering the democratization of the tools as above, and all the enablement that it brings.   This will particularly be important as part of supporting Diversity + Inclusion, and organizations like IEC.


What has been your personal or your company’s biggest challenge, or most significant achievement since the pandemic?

A significant challenge on a personal/professional perspective for me was staying connected in a way that would represents as close a representation of working on sight/in person. In a technology centric company, the need to be able to interface and collaborate with design engineers, program management, operations and of course, our customers has never been more important (especially given the current COVID pandemic.)   That said, the challenge created opportunities to be more creative, more adaptable, and be more in the moment.   I was very pleased to see our overall company could continue to support a # of innovations – some which specifically combat the COVID pandemic.  We were also able to keep pace in new products as intended prior to COVID, as part of helping realize our customers innovations.  In the end, I believe all this is a credit to a great team culture which is passionate about technology, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


What do you want the academic community to know or understand about your company?

Tektronix understands the current pain the academic community is facing. We are trying to extend our outreach in how we can help during these times, and beyond.  Part of this includes supporting HBCUs, HSI and minority serving institutions at large. 

Also, while Tektronix will continue being traditionally known for our leadership in bench instruments such as oscilloscopes, DMMs, power supplies, AFG’s, source measure units, we are progressing to provide more and more software centric solutions.

On any front, please do reach out if there is something we can help with.   


Why is ECEDHA important to you or your organization?

ECEDHA is a valuable ecosystem partner.  ECEDHA provides several invaluable services to the EDU community:  1) A trusted environment for association members, 2) access, and visibility to key issues to solve in academia, and a platform for which EDU and industry can closely collaborate


Beyond the Desk

Who/what inspires you?

I have a number of friends who serve in the medical care profession.  Some of the pandemic stories they share with me are scary, but inspiring.  Now more so than ever, the front line professionals who are helping us get through this COVID pandemic are truly inspiring


Philosophy of life in a nutshell?

My mother always reminded me, “treat others as you would like to be treated.”  That has stuck with me.


I always wanted to travel to…

While I’ve had the privilege to travel to a number of countries, Italy is still high on my remaining bucket list to travel to.