May 2019

Pamela Cosman Honored at ECEDHA 2019

Pamela Cosman, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, San Diego, was honored with the Diversity Award at the 2019 ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo in Tucson, Arizona this past March.

The award is given in recognition of proactive efforts to increase cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity within the ECE student body and among ECE faculty, that go well above and beyond the normal institutional recruiting practices.

Dr. Cosman's diversity initiatives are multifaceted and include diversity-related basic research, efforts to diversify the faculty, initiatives to support diverse students, and efforts in the community. As the Faculty Equity Adviser in the Jacobs School of Engineering, Dr. Cosman conducts annual training on unconscious bias for all faculty search committees in the school and chairs the Excellence search committee (which conducts a competition for candidates active in diversity and outreach). The number of women faculty hired in the Jacobs School of Engineering has increased dramatically. Starting with the 2013-2014 hiring season, for the next five hiring years, the overall percentages of women hired was 30% - stunningly higher than the baseline rate of 10.8% women on the engineering faculty back in 2013.

Within the community, Dr. Cosman serves on the Internal Advisory Board of the CREATE STEM Success Initiative. This multi-year initiative connects UCSD researchers with regional K-12 educators. Programs include teacher training, leveraging the Supercomputer Center to boost computer science education in underserved schools, and studying math pipeline leaks. Additionally, Dr. Cosman wrote a children's book, The Secret Code Menace, aimed at making engineering accessible and attractive to girls.

Dr. Cosman goes above and beyond to ensure diversity is at the forefront, which has positively impacted the field of ECE and its future.

Above (from left to right): Michael Devetsikiotis, University of New Mexico, Pamela Cosman, University of California, San Diego, and Barbara Marino, Loyola Marymount University