2019 Executive Insights
Doug Phillips, Texas Instruments

Question 1: Robotics has emerged as a good opportunity for ECE. Why do you think it's gaining traction?

Question 2: This year, lab professionals were added to the ECEDHA program. What is your first reaction on how it's going?

Question 3: Where do you see the most exciting opportunities for industry support for ECE education in general?

Question 4: Given what you said about robotics being a gateway once students get to college, what do you think of robotics in the earlier year (Junior High, High School, etc) being a gateway into engineering in general?

Question 5: When you think about the products that TI has created and how you position these products, creating this more comprehensive view of robotics, what do you see in your products and your positioning that address that?

Question 6: Anything to add in closing?