2018 Executive Insights
Igor Alvardo, National Instruments

Question 1: What role can the ECE discipline have in accelerating innovation through transition to practice programs to bring new technologies from the university labs/studios to industry faster?

Question 2: How important is it to bring Academia, Industry, Communities and Government together and what role(s) can the ECE discipline and NI have in this process?

Question 3: There is a growing need for specific skills and competencies that ECE students should have by the time they graduate. How important are these for their employability and work readiness, and how can a company such as NI help?


Question 4: How important is it to incorporate more research experiences for undergraduate students in any ECE program? How does the NI’s hands-on approach help to advance undergraduate experimental research?


Question 5: During your keynote address last year, you spoke about the Global Impact of ECE in Society. Since then, and from NI’s perspective, how has that impact changed, where is ECE today and where is it going?