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Accreditation in Response to COVID-19

Recorded: May 13, 2020 at 2:00pm EST

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This session will summarize how best to address ABET accreditation within the context of academic program response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. ABET’s Chief Accreditation Officer, Dr. Joe Sussman, and Senior Director of Accreditation Operations, Jane Emmet, will discuss modifications to ABET operations and how these modifications will affect program reviews, acknowledging the current delivery changes to academic programs that have affected teaching and learning. In addition, Dr. Sussman and Ms. Emmet will answer questions regarding how best to prepare for ABET accreditation given the current status of academic program offerings at institutions around the globe. This session will summarize recent updates, and we especially encourage participation from programs with ABET visits planned for Fall 2020. Please bring your ABET leaders to this session.



Joseph L. Sussman
Chief Accreditation Officer, Chief Information Officer

Dr. Joe Sussman is both Chief Accreditation Officer and Chief Information Officer for ABET, the recognized accreditor for college and university technical education programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology worldwide. In this role since 2011, Dr. Sussman leads ABET’s global accreditation operations, collaborating with the organization’s volunteer leadership in both tactical execution and strategic development of ABET’s accreditation practice. Prior to joining ABET, Dr. Sussman spent 26 years as an engineering leader and senior business executive at Bayer AG, leading many of the company’s quality, manufacturing, and IT efforts. After retiring from Bayer Joe became an Industry Specialist at Deloitte Consulting, where he worked with many prominent global clients. 

In addition to his impressive industry background, and prior to joining ABET staff, Joe served ABET for 24 years in nearly every volunteer capacity, including:

 • Program Evaluator for mechanical engineering programs, 
• Chair of the Engineering Accreditation Commission,
• Senior Director, Accreditation Operations
• ABET President for 2008-2009. 

Dr. Sussman was inducted as an ABET Fellow in 2002 after having played a pivotal role in implementing the ground-breaking Engineering Criteria 2000. In 2011 the ASME Board of Governors elected Dr. Sussman an ASME Fellow for his contributions to quality in engineering education. In 2015 Dr. Sussman was presented the Linton E. Grinter Distinguished Service Award as an ABET expert who followed in Grinter’s footsteps, making outstanding contributions to the technical disciplines through his work in accreditation. Dr. Sussman earned his baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering from Columbia University in the City of New York.

Jane Emmet
Senior Director of Accreditation Operations



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