Electrical Engineering Practicum, Third Edition

August 19, 2020 at 2:00pm ET

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A live webinar focused on Dr. Robert J. Bowman’s latest version of the Electrical Engineering Practicum​​, Third Edition, Featuring the Analog Devices M2k Portable Instrument, a program that can help increase first year to second year EE student retention.

The Electrical Engineering Practicum provides a hands-on path to exploring the fascinating world of electronics. Each of the fifteen lectures introduces the student to a new electronic device or technology and an associated application. A follow-on laboratory exercise is then conducted individually by the student anytime, anywhere, using their own Personal Test Lab. An online video teaching assistant is provided to assist the student with each lab exercise. In university settings, the lab exercise is then demonstrated by the student to an instructor in small lab sections. No previous experience in electronics is required for your students. 

Hands-on learning with a student's own personal test lab has proven to be a very effective way to inspire students at all levels to explore the world around them. The ability to freely explore inevitably stimulates ones curiosity to examine the natural world and begins the process of developing design instincts that are so valued in many professions.


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Dr. Robert Bowman

Past Head of Electrical Engineering  

Rochester Institute of Technology